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What You Need to Know about Orthokeratology

Even in the past, the concept of orthokeratology or the practice of reshaping the cornea to improve vision. The another name of corneal reshaping technology is dream lens. The user who uses corneal reshaping technology that is gas permeable contact lens should wear them during the night or when they are resting. The vision will be improved by the corneal reshaping technology without having refractive surgery. Improved corneal reshaping lenses are not bought at a low price.

In the past, there was an attempt to try to improve these cornea reshaping devices but did not work. Measuring instruments that were better were found after the computers were introduced to the world. a lot of people have tried to develop the ultimate orthokeratology lens and procedures these days. Today, there are also several orthokeratology academies that offer a forum and platform to share ideas and solutions of orthokeratology. Solutions and technologies that are workable and developed are provided by these academies. The FDA approved corneal refractive therapy which made the patients wear paragon corneal refractive therapy during the night.

The industry in general was able to move rapidly with the development of better and workable solutions for orthokeratology after the approval from FDA. When the cornea move around the epithelial cells that happens when the lens is worn, they are reshaped. These cells covers the surface of cornea. Relocation and compression of some cells will have to happen in some areas. Orthokeratology lenses are produced by many companies. FDA is the one that approved these companies. The lenses that they produce are gas permeable.

The health of your eyes will be maintained when the approved lenses are used. These lenses are safe because of the materials that are used. Companies that make or design corneal refractive therapy are many. You will also experience some complications and side effects when you use these lenses. You will experience such side effects or complications because of improper hygiene. Tap water, when used to wash the lenses, can also experience such side effects. Lenses are made with different materials and thats why some can be washed with clean water.

When patients wear lenses during the night which are made with wrong materials than the cornea will suffer from lack of oxygen. You will experience some problems when you wear lenses for a long time. When materials are that are oxygen permeable are used to make cornea reshaping lenses, you should buy them. These materials are the best because they reduce hypoxia. However, some people may suffer from starbursting, ghosting, contract problems and double visions. Overly large pupil and lack of centration cause such problems.